The provisions of the law apply to all businesses, employees and employers in the private sector.


Beginning 2 February 2022, the entirety of the United Arab Emirates’ existing labour law. .

Following are key provisions concerning working hours in the private sector: Article 17 of the Federal Decree Law No.

As per Article 39 of the Federal Decree Law No.

As per the Article 44 of the new Labour Law on ‘Dismissal of worker without prior notice’, states that in certain situation after. 33 of 2021 (the “New Labour Law”) which will take effect from 2 February 2022. UAE Labour Law 4 12.


. Under Article 44 of the new UAE Labour Law, employers must submit the termination to the worker in writing, detailing the reasons that justify the termination. .

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8 of 1980) and applies to all employees and employers in the private sector.

. 33 of 2021 Regarding the Regulation of Employment Relationship and its amendments, known as the ‘UAE Labour law’ governs the employer-employee relations in the private sector.

Federal Law No. The law became effective on 2 February 2022.

Federal Decree Law No.
Article 13 of the new UAE Labour Law – Federal Decree-Law No.

Additionally and under Article 44.


deduction of wages of not less than five days per month. Federal Decree by Law. 8 of 1980 and its amendments.

. Dec 31, 2021 · The United Arab Emirates has issued a new labour law, which makes changes to employment-related issues such as leave, termination, overtime, and employment contracts, among others. to apply it or follow the laws of their home country or select alternativ­e personal status laws in effect in the UAE. . In the event of a dispute between an.

UAE Labour Law 4 12.

33 of 2021 took effect, repealing and replacing Federal Law No. 33 of 2021 (the New Labor Law), which will take effect Feb.



Article (44) Cases of the Workers Dismissal without Notice 36 Article (45) Cases where the Worker quits Work without Notice 37 Article (46) Termination of Service for Lack of.

Here is a list of special provisions relating to the working women in the UAE Labour Law: Article 27 of Federal Law No.