. Robust steel design with precision machined worm or spur gears for smooth and easy manual operation.


These sleek, brushed-steel wall mounts are the only official hangers designed and engineered by Quick Jack.

. . ~Screw Jack~27lb Weapon with a Handle! Heavy! $78.


. . 25" drywall screw or a picture hook and nail are usually as good or better than a plastic anchor, unless you already have an oversize hole in the wall.

. The Ellis 6x6 Screw Jack attaches to 6x6 lumber and provides 6" adjustment for building a fast and reliable adjustable support.

200mm diameter turntable rotated by two diametrically opposed cords and vertical load hangers.

Travel Drives.

. Product Details: load square Vee form threads: 24mm x 3mm pitch.

Hinged Wall Bracket is a mounting device that attaches a wall-mounted rack to a wall. .

Wall-mounted shelf bracket, diagonal corner bracket,Triangular Fixed Shelving Bracket Floating Supports With Screws, Metal Scaffolding Board Bracket,Gold-30cm/11.
The best-rated product in Wall Jack Plates is the 6P6C Surface Mount Jack Type 625A2, Ivory.

Amphenol offers a full range of Modular Jacks in high performance, standard and ruggedized IP-rated versions.


. Torque is applied to the turntable through two "effort" hangers, and can be arranged to either lift or lower the. End Trucks and Carriages.

25. . (The house has plaster walls, as opposed to drywall, so everything is "top-mounted") This mounting jack does the trick and is nice looking as expected. Heavy-Duty Malleable Casting Iron Wall Jack for Lifting Wall Beams Decks and More with Capacity of Lifting 1,000 lbs, Red, Pack of 1. 25. Features Low cost, effective teaching Self-contained Wall mounted Introduction to simple machines Determination of velocity ratio mechanical advantage and efficiency Comparative efficiency of square and Vee form threads Three year warranty Range of Experiments.